Google display and remarketing

Google display and remarketing

Google’s network of partner sites is large and varied – from construction sites to parenting sites – almost every site has some Google space available for you to target your customers with pinpoint accuracy.

Google display

With Google AdWords Display it all starts with a creative idea.  Who do you want to target? What are you looking to achieve? How will we measure success?  We then look at available space and develop a customised plan for you.  This might involve mobile, video advertising, or just straight image placements. We then launch your campaign on a cost per click basis and watch the results flow in.

Google remarketing

Someone visits your site from a campaign and doesn’t complete a sale or inquiry? No problem. We can follow them around the Google network and remarket to them (or Google stalk as we like to call it). Increasing brand awareness and likelihood to convert, remarketing is a clever way to stay front of mind with your customers.