Keeping SEO in Mind Before Hiring a Web Developer Will Reap Big Results

Many businesses hire a web development firm to build their website and then, after finding that no one can find their website on the search engines, hire an online marketing company to optimise the new website for search engines. It would be prudent for business owners to keep Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind before jumping head first into web design and development. Building your web site before starting to put an online marketing plan into action can hinder the SEO Company you hire from implementing essential optimisation techniques.

To optimise a website for search engines to its fullest potential, digital marketing specialists need the ability to modify several key parts of the site. Ideally the ability to make these changes would be implemented by the web development company into the Content Management System they use (if there is one), but even making sure that the code itself allows for these modifications is a great step up in terms of SEO implementation for businesses.

In the worst case, an SEO company may not be able to perform any search engine optimisation whatsoever for a business website which was designed and developed without SEO in mind. While SEO is a huge part of running a successful website, many web development companies still disregard the fact that websites need to be SEO friendly and don’t bother learning about and implementing their design and code in a way that allows digital marketing specialists to optimise the website.

A better scenario is hiring a web development company with knowledge of SEO principles. Some web developers do their best to structure websites in ways that allow for as much optimisation as possible when an SEO company is hired. This results in better search engine optimisation capabilities without needing to make major coding changes or re-structuring the website.

Best Case Scenario
However, if you want to be completely confident that all points are covered regarding the search engine optimisation of your future website, consider hiring an online marketing specialist before starting the development of your web site. This enables you to have your SEO specialist communicate directly with the potential developer before you sign a contract to develop your new website. This way search engine optimisation can be kept in mind through every step of the design and coding process of your business site. Your online marketing specialist can make sure that the website is being built to be SEO friendly from the ground up.

In conclusion, the development of your business site should go hand in hand with optimising the site for search engines. Hiring a web development company which is familiar with SEO friendly web design and development is essential, and getting an SEO specialist on board before the development process begins will produce the best results in your marketing efforts.