Benefits of Effective PPC Advertising to Boost Retail Sales

Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most measurable advertising mediums. As we approach the festive season retailers brace themselves for their busiest trading period. Effective PPC advertising in Australia is showing increasing potential to provide a lucrative return on investment and help support overall sales by directing high quality leads to your online store.

It is important to have an effective PPC advertising campaign in order to provide enticing advertisements that separate your company from the competition. An integral part of this is correctly evaluating the market and creating a PPC strategy to most effectively target your campaign during the festive period. With increasing understanding of your target market and their search behaviour you can intelligently refine your PPC campaigns to target geographic, demographic and time strategies. All of which help to ensure your ads are reaching your target market, maximising your Return on Investment (ROI).

In today’s market we are seeing consumers increasingly browsing online for bargains in the midst of the economic downturn. This is a fantastic opportunity for online retailers to implement smart focused strategies to capitalise on this increasing trend. Searchers are also increasingly seeking Comparison Shopping, Rewards and Discount services. According to Hitwise Asia Pacific, consumer confidence is 38% higher than a year ago so online retailers are in a great position to drive sales. The graph below shows the Shopping and Classifieds heavy reliance on Search Engines to generate traffic.

Effective PPC Advertising
Hitwise Asia Pacific recently conducted research to determine the online shopping research behaviour of Gen Y (18-24 year olds). They concluded that most searchers were drawn towards brand with a strong offline presence, rather than solely online companies. Females focused predominantly on brand searches while Males were more product-oriented. Females’ searches were heavily weighted towards apparel while males searched mostly for electronic products. Another piece of research showed that the Shopping and Classifieds sector generated the highest volume of traffic on Boxing Day 2008.

The Google Adwords strategic account management tools mentioned above allow highly refined and targeted accounts to help deliver effective PPC advertising. Coupled with the economic conditions and the increasing consumer trend to browse and shop online, December 2009 is shaping up to be a lucrative period and provides a great opportunity to establish businesses as powerful online retailers.