2010 – The Year of Mobile Search

Online marketers around the world are predicting that 2010 is going to be the year of mobile search. Over recent years we have seen the mobile phone technology advance exponentially to product handsets that can carry out almost any task. New products such as the iPhone, Blackberry and various handsets running Google’s Android operating system, are all vying for top spot in 2010 – the year of mobile search!

As Google prepares to launch their long awaited Nexus One phone, Apple is in talks with Microsoft to clinch a deal regarding default mobile search platforms on Apple’s devices. Google is ever evolving and moving into an increasing number of avenues. Launching the new Chrome OS platform in the future also gives Microsoft an incentive to join forces with Apple to create a united front against Google. With their powers combined they have the best chance at rivaling Google in a field it has dominated for so long.

According to Deloitte, proficiency in mobile search will dominate the smart phone strategy for 2010 with mobile search becoming one of the top 5 most used applications. In line with the recent tensions between Apple, Microsoft, and Google, the trends will further fuel increased competition between the mobile search providers.

Google has also upgraded the mobile device targeting capabilities within Adwords to support the surge in mobile search use and ensure the advertising model remains relevant. While advertisers have been able to opt into the mobile search network for some time, you can now specify which handsets and carriers you wish to target. Developers can also advertise their mobile apps using Google Adwords, allowing searchers to download directly from the Google search landscape.

Google sees mobile as a key part of their success and growth in 2010 and have set in place an advertising structure to ensure they have the best chance of dominating the mobile search market, but with strong competition from Apple and Bing it will be interesting to see the outcome and how it shapes the search landscape.