BRW Fast Starters 2010 shows Online factor of success

During the economic downturn we’ve been beating the drum about how the online channel can really help business. In fact, it’s the time when online can take centre stage.

BRW’s 2010 Fast Starters’ list confirms this:

“Businesses with online strategies have an advantage over their competitors, and companies on the Fast Starters list are excelling in this area.

Almost all have a website and more than 26 per cent have facility for Moneybookers also handles over 40 currencies, so even if you are not playing in an Australian online casino, Moneybookers can still come to the rescue and fund your account. online selling. More than half (56 per cent) use social networking on websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. And most use their customer databases to distribute electronic newsletters.”

Online marketing still provides very cost effective marketing that can save a business in the down periods and take it to new heights in the good times. Many companies might have some form of presence online (usually a website), but are not yet realizing the full advantages of what the online channel can do for their business. To achieve this a business owner should contact an experienced Digital/Online Marketing strategist to map out a plan.