Google Instant – The New Way to Search From Google

You may have already heard the buzz about Google Instant, the new search technology released by Google.  Google Instant is a new search enhancement that shows results as you type, and will change the way we search with an intuitive approach to search results.

How does it work?
Google Instant is like predictive text for search – as you type, the search results will appear in front of you, offering a selection of possible search results.  This is based on the premise that searchers read faster than they type, typically taking 300 milliseconds between keystrokes, but only 30 milliseconds to glance at the page.  Google Instant is designed to enhance the user experience, revealing to the searcher content faster than the searcher can type.

We put Google Instant to the test for the keyword phrase “plumber perth“.  This is the top ranking that showed for each key stroke combination:

Plu –
Plum –
Plumber  –
Plumber Perth  –

How will it impact your search engine ranking results?
There is no strong evidence to suggest that it will affect your search activity overall if you have a solid keyword strategy in place, however the new page layout means that there are fewer search results “above the fold” (depending on the number of keyword suggestions Google provides, currently maxed at 5).  Highly relevant keywords are as important as they ever were in driving the right traffic to your website.

Google is quick to respond to concerns about the impact this will make to search rankings:

“As with all changes to search, there will always be people who work to optimise their pages to fit the Google experience,” a spokesperson said. “But it’s important to note that there are no ranking changes with this enhancement and as always we continue to focus on showing users high-quality, relevant queries and search results.”

The technology is being rolled out in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia but the confirmed date for roll out in Australia hasn’t been released.

See it in action
As the feature isn’t available on the Australian Google domain yet, you can access it locally by visiting the search giant’s ”no country redirect” page.

What will we be doing?
As always we are constantly monitoring Google Algorithm changes and to see how these affect search results. We will continue to closely monitor the roll out of Google Instant to ensure all client rankings will remain as good or better than ever.

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