Introducing Missile Mail’s New Feature – “Autoresponders”

We are happy to inform you that our Email Marketing Software, Missile Mail, now includes “autoresponders”. An autoresponder is an email you can automatically send to your subscribers based on certain rules. A common example of an autoresponder is a series of emails that are automatically sent to new subscribers after they sign up to receive emails from you (“Thank you for subscribing”…). Autoresponders can help you increase sales, improve your customer service and drive ongoing loyalty and business from your email list.

What are the key benefits of having autoresponders?

Automatic and therefore time saving

Autoresponders allow you to set up communication triggers that support your sales and marketing process. . You won’t need to worry about scheduling or sending these emails, our Email Marketing Software will do it all for you. This leaves you with plenty of time to analyse your statistics (average open rate and click rate) so you can adjust and improve your autoresponders over time based on your clients’ response.

Multiple exposures triggers the buying decisions

Statistics show that it usually takes several exposures to turn a prospect customer into a buying one. The chances of your clients purchasing your product/service later increases dramatically if contacted several times. An autoresponder can be set up to deliver a series of personalised messages or email sales campaign at various intervals to remind the customer about the product they saw.

Improve your customer service

Our autoresponder feature comes with different trigger options. You can send your subscribers an email upon signup, or at a specific date. If you have your subscribers’ birth date, you can have an automatic and yet personalised “Happy Birthday” email sent to them.

What autoresponders can you set up?

Below are just a few examples of how autoresponders can be setup:

  • Automatically follow up your new customers
  • Send your subscribers a birthday message
  • Help people remember important dates

Once you get started with our autoresponders feature, no doubt you’ll think of a bunch of options that make sense in your particular situation.

How to set up autoresponders in Missile Mail?

The first thing to know about using autoresponders is that they are tied to just one specific subscriber list. So you’ll want to jump into your ‘Lists & Subscribers’ tab, and select the list you want to work with.

There is a column for autoresponders which will show the number of existing autoresponders and a link to add more. Click the ‘add’ link to setup a new autoresponder or ‘view’ if you’ve already set one up.

Name your autoresponder series and keep in mind that it should be understandable later when you come back to modify it or view the reports. Then, specify how the emails should be triggered (when a new person joins the subscriber list, when the anniversary of a particular date occurs or on a specific date). Once you have selected which type of autoresponder you want to send, click ‘Next’ and move on to specify the particulars for the first email in the series.

If you want help with setting up your autoresponders, or to discuss what autoresponders might work best for your business, then please contact Chloe on 08 9328 7000.