Facebook Advertising and Why it Could Work for You

With over 8 million active users in Australia, and 655,680 specifically in Western Australia (and growing!), Facebook is now a solid platform for online advertising. Facebook users are highly engaged and can spend up to 5 hours a day within Facebook.  As Facebook itself states “People treat Facebook as an authentic part of their lives, so you can be sure you are connecting with real people with real interest in your products.”

What are Facebook Adverts?

Facebook ads are cost per click adverts which are displayed on the right hand side and include an image, a title, a URL and a short description depending on the targeting perimeters you set.

So why is Facebook working for so many of our clients?

Facebook allows you to target a specific demographic profile. Thanks to a detailed search targeting feature, Facebook allows you to pinpoint potential customers through details such as their age, interests, favourite movies, and location and even their relationship status.

Facebook works on a cost per click basis. You only pay if someone clicks on your advert.  Meaning less advertising budget waste and more exposure for your brand.

Its cost effective. With cost per click advertising models ranging from 80c to $1.20 per click, it’s a highly cost effective alternative to Google Adwords.

Brand awareness. Unlike search, which operates off a premise that the searcher knows what they are looking for, Facebook Advertising allows you to present your advert to the masses, however allowing you to target the right people at the same time.

As with all online marketing, a strong strategy is recommended to ensure you get the best results.   You need to ensure that you rotate a series of adverts with differing images and text, and test to see what works best for you.  It’s also all about the offer, which should be compelling enough to encourage click throughs, and of course the landing page, which should close the deal.  Constant tracking and monitoring of the results is crucial to get the maximum benefit out of your advertising budget.

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