How to Make the Most of Google’s new Features

The people at Google have been busy! Google’s algorithm has undergone some additional changes over the past months that could potentially help your business website rank better.

Google Searches Go Local with Google Places
In response to the rapidly increasing trend of delivering location-based results to users, Google has changed its front-page search results. Google now detects if the user is searching for a location based result (triggered by the use of locations terms like Perth or Leederville etc.). When that happens, Google displays a Maps summary on the right hand side just below the search bar, with a list of location based results. These results take three quarters of the first page so it’s vital your listing is optimised for your location to ensure you appear in the first section of the results.

Google Instant Preview
Google’s recent change is the introduction of Google Instant Preview. This new feature allows users to preview a website before they click on it. By hovering over the magnifying glass icon next to the search result, you can now see a small preview of the home page. More than ever a clean and enticing website home page design will help you drive visitors to your site.

We are constantly monitoring Google’s latest changes and features and are always committed in updating our strategies to set our clients apart from their competitors. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact one of the Bang Online  team to discuss how these new developments might affect you.