Google Shopping is here!

Google Shopping finally hit Australia last month, and the response to this new service (previously only available in the US and UK) has been huge. It allows internet shoppers to ‘Google’ products as usual, but provides a much different experience to the regular search engine. When you search a product in Google Shopping, whether it be a specific model of digital camera or laptop, or a more general product, the results will show hundreds of different products from various stores and outlets around Australia.

The service allows you to compare prices between stores, look at special deals and sales, specify a category or store you would like to purchase it from, and even choose a specific brand. So how is Google Shopping useful to your company? Well, for starters, it allows maximum exposure for both your products and your website. As the service becomes more popular, shoppers will regularly be using Google Shopping to research products before they even leave their homes – providing your website with more traffic and sales. Google Shopping can be used to the advantage of your company in that it allows you to see what sort of prices and deals your competitors are offering, and what customers are looking for.

Retailers and companies can register their stores and products with Google Shopping by signing up to Google Merchant Centre for free. The easy-to-use Merchant Centre allows you to upload your products and control all your company details to stay on top of everything. Companies can also use Google Adwords Product Extensions (you may already use Adwords for your website) to further enhance their Google Shopping experience.
Google Shopping is a valuable addition to your company’s online presence, and will provide customers with a simple, interactive way to view your products.