Google Adwords – Sitelink Adverts

On September 6, Google Adwords introduced a new paid ad format with three lines of Sitelinks.

However, Sitelinks are not a new feature. Launched in November 2009, Ad Sitelinks allows text advertisements to contain additional links.

Designed to make advertisements more prominent in search, Sitelinks give searchers more than one opportunity to click through.

The format used for an advertisement, and therefore the Sitelinks displayed for that ad is determined by how relevant Google perceives that ad to be in relation to the search term.  In theory, the more relevant a search term is to the content of an advertisement, the more Sitelinks that advertisement will have.

For example, if you Google ‘Affordable Perth’ no Sitelinks appear underneath Affordable Living Homes website, however, if you Google ‘Affordable Living Homes’ three lines of Sitelinks appear underneath the website as the above image indicates.

Previously, ads qualified to run with Ad Sitelinks were displayed in one of three formats:

  • Two-line formats: Sitelinks are designed to trigger in situations where an ad provides the ideal answer for a search query. These ads are most likely to trigger on unique brand terms, and feature two extra lines of links – equating to 4 links.
  • One-line format: Sitelinks will trigger with more generic terms, but may also include brand terms.
  • Embedded format: Sitelinks will trigger whenever your ad qualifies to appear above the search results and the text in your ad exactly matches one or more of your Sitelinks.

The new three-line format features three lines of links – equating to 6 links. Google will only show a three-line format advertisement when confident it is an exact match to the searched term. As with two-line formats, this will usually be a search for the brand name.

One-line and embedded formats provide opportunities for non-brand specific searches to still generate Ad Sitelinks.

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