LinkedIn For Businesses

LinkedIn is a free social media website designed specifically for business and networking use.
It can be used to connect with past and current colleagues or companies, friends, business clients and associates. LinkedIn is available both for companies and for individual use. Personal accounts allow you to build up a personal profile with your work and study experience, lets you show off your resume, personal and professional references, and network and search for jobs anywhere in the world.

The website’s ‘Company Pages’ are extremely beneficial for businesses, no matter what field they are in. Over 100 million LinkedIn users follow more than 1.9 million companies. A LinkedIn Company Page allows potential clients, employees and associates to see what your business is all about before they even contact you. Company Pages are all part of your online presence, and feature an overview of your company, an outline of your products and service, you can add a careers tab to encourage future employees, and there is also an Analytics tab available to administrators of the company to check up on traffic and interactions.

The Overview tab on your Company Page allows anyone who lands on your page to ‘follow’ your company and keep up to date, read through a general overview, see who is employed by your company, and access your recent blog posts and Twitter feeds. You can show as little or much information as you like. The Products and Services tab allows you to list all the services your business provides with descriptions, images, banners, videos – as detailed as you like. It also allows users to make recommendations for you to showcase, which are then spread virally: if a member recommends your product or business, it is then broadcast to both your connections and theirs, is showcased on their profile page, and stays on your recommendations page. Reviews and recommendations are a huge part of sales and this is possibly the most important part of having a LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn has become an important social media strategy for all businesses, whether small or corporate, no matter what sector. It allows you to make your business known in a social capacity, and lets you network and improve your online presence to encourage future clients.

Take a look at the Bang Online LinkedIn page  to see how it all works.