Using Google Adwords to boost sales over Christmas

Google Adwords is one of the most important tools in promoting your business online, and is an ideal platform to promote specific products and promotions. In the run up to Christmas it is more vital than ever to utilise an effective Adwords strategy to direct as much relevant traffic to your site as possible. More Australians are online, searching, and trying to find the best Christmas deal, so here are some tips on how you can optimize your ad campaigns to target the Christmas rush market.?

Seasonal Ad Copy

The most basic way to optimize you Google Ads to entice Christmas shoppers in is to use seasonal-focused messaging and images (if you’re running image or flash ads on the Display Network). Christmas or holiday-related puns, images that promote your brand as well as Christmas (for example, a retail store may be selling novelty shirts, so would use an image of those in their ads), and even just using the word ‘Christmas’ in your advertisements will be beneficial to your campaign.

Christmas Specials

Incorporating special deals, sales, promotions and incentives into your Ad Copy during the seasonal holiday period is imperative to your Adwords strategy. Examples include, free delivery of your products, restaurants holding special functions, a hotel offering Christmas savings, or a retail company with a holiday sale. Ensure your Adwords Ad Copy includes promotions being features in other marketing materials such as catalogues, in-store promotions, tv ads etc as this will help to strengthen that message and encourage higher conversions (eg. Transactions, enquiries). Promoting sales and deals through your ads can increase your CTR (Click-Through-Rate) tenfold and give you an advantage over competitors.

Accurately Track Performance

Online marketing is unique as you are able to track the effectiveness of your campaigns from start to finish. eCommerce sites should have eCommerce tracking enabled in order to track the transactions, revenue & product performance with relation to all traffic sources. This provides a high level of insight into what channel is providing the highest ROI (Return On Investment) which will then allow you to make more intelligent optimisation decisions. As a result, Adwords is one of the most transparent advertising platforms as you are able to see exactly how much revenue it is driving and what areas of the account are performing best & driving the most sales/revenue.


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