Five New Year Facebook Business Page Tips

So you have a Facebook business Page but you’re not getting as many ‘likes’ as you were hoping, or your ‘fans’ aren’t engaging enough with your Page. Don’t worry! Here are five Facebook business Page tips that will kick start your Page in 2012.

1.   Have an Enticing Landing Page

If someone goes to your Facebook business Page and lands on your wall, they are much less likely to ‘like’ your Page as they are already seeing all the information they want. We therefore always recommend having a landing page that entices people to ‘like’ your Page. Landing pages that work particularly well are ones that reveal information or an offer once the ‘like’ button has been clicked. Have a look at how Red Bull hides videos underneath their initial landing page for inspiration:

2.   Don’t Show Them Everything at Once

Facebook is a social media communication tool and is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers but that doesn’t mean you have to share everything. Write status updates enticing your ‘fans’ to come back for more. If you have a webinar coming up, why note write: “We have a very exciting announcement to make soon. Stay tuned for more.” This will encourage people to come back for more information so remember to…

3.   Regularly Update Facebook

People are searching your Facebook business Page for information and to stay updated, so don’t leave them hanging with no information! Just like a personal profile, your Facebook business Page needs to be regularly updated with relevant information. What you deem relevant to your business is entirely up to you. Here at Bang Online we update ours with everything from birthdays to the newest changes in the Google algorithm.

4.   Take Part in the Conversation

Facebook is a social media network, so be social. If a ‘fan’ asks you a question about your products and services then make sure you answer. Even if you receive a negative comment or feedback, Facebook is one of the best tools out there to ensure your customers are receiving the experience and service they deserve. If you ignore or hide comments on your wall, you’re more likely to add fuel to the fire of a bad experience and the person won’t recommend you to others. You don’t have to resolve all conflict over Facebook but it’s a good idea to acknowledge when people write on your wall, even if you just say: “Thank you for your feedback.”

5.   Tag Fans and Pages

Tagging is a feature on Facebook that is often overlooked but it’s a very useful tool to make people come back to your Page. You shouldn’t just tag your ‘fans’ in posts and photos though, make sure you connect and tag other Facebook business Pages as well. This will make your Facebook Page visible to a much larger number of Facebook users who may otherwise not have found your Page. When you tag a person or Page in a post, that post will show up on your wall as well as the tagged person or Page. This is one of the best ways to virally distribute your information and your Facebook business Page.

That’s all folks. These tips should help you get a head start for the New Year. It’s all about having a solid strategy in place.  That’s the team at Bang Online’s speciality.  If you want to take your Facebook presence to the next level, then call the team at bang online on 08 9328 7000 or email [email protected] and we would be happy to assist you.