Pinterest – A New Kind of Social Media

Pinterest is the new kid on the social media playground and we’re expecting it to become part of the back-seat crew soon enough.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an image based visual social media network where you can ‘pin’ photos and videos to boards and share your boards with friends and others following you. Once you have shared an image or video it becomes a Pin which you can add to boards with captions. Keywords within these captions can then be searched and viewed by fellow ‘pinters’. Unlike Facebook, Pinterest focuses on images of every nature rather than personal photos and videos. While you are still able to upload all your own images, Pinterest encourages its users to pin and re-pin all images and videos of interest to them. Once you have signed up for Pinterest it will give you an option to bookmark ‘Pin It’, a feature that allows you to pin any image from any website to your boards.

What are Boards?

The Pinterest boards are a great way to feature products and services you may offer, such as a Christmas board full of Christmas recipes and decorations; or a summer board full of summer recipes, surf photos and picnic ideas. At first glance some of the males out there might view Pinterest as more of a female medium but it’s not all vintage wedding dresses and flower arrangements, just have a look at Axblue.

How does Pinterest work for businesses?

Pinterest is currently dominated by lifestyle businesses and people such as Martha Stewart and Better Homes and Gardens, but it also works well for other industries (check out Michael Lee Architects for example. Pintrest is a great way to share images of your products and services with the potential to generate viral distribution and develop a following. This is a great medium for businesses with a visual aspect to their products or services such as retailers, cafés/restaurants and bars, photographers, landscapers, interior designers, stylists, graphic designers, etc.

Pinterest is still in the early stages with “only” four million users (Facebook has 800 million active users and Twitter has 100 million) but it recently received $27 million in venture funds and has been receiving a lot of coverage from industry news websites such as so we predict a surge in members in 2012. You will have to request an invite from Pinterest but eventually (hopefully not too long) you’ll receive one and then you can wave goodbye to your social life and say hello to hours spent trawling through cool photos and videos.