Enhanced Adwords Sitelinks

In a previous blog post we wrote about Google Adwords sitelinks – text providing up to six additional destination URLs for visitors to choose from when searching your website – and how effective they could be for your business. Google Adwords has now introduced enhanced Adwords sitelinks. They work in a similar way to normal sitelinks by adding sub-headings and text under you Google listing but are now placed under your Adwords campaign rather than your organic website link. This basically means the enhanced sitelinks will look for other text ads in your account and combine them into an Adwords listing with sitelinks. This is a great advantage for having targeted ads become more visible on Google.
Having sitelinks can, on average, increase the clickthough rate by up to 30% compared to not having sitelinks.

How Adwords Sitelinks Work

The best way to describe the new Adwords sitelinks is to use the pizza restaurant example Google used.

Say sitelinks have been created for a pizza restaurant and the ad displays sitelinks like this:

If the pizza restaurant uses the following text ads for their normal sitelinks:

Then the new Adwords sitelinks enhancement would look like this:

To be eligible your sitelinks ad needs to show above Google search results and it also needs to contain active ads relating to the sitelinks in your campaign.

Google reported the click-through rates for enhanced sitelink Adwords campaigns were “significantly higher” than the same ad with 2- and 3-line sitelinks.

It has been reported the enhanced sitelinks are highly effective in clickthrough rates compared to the traditional 2- and 3-line sitelinks.

It might seem a little confusing, so should you need help or want to know more about the enhanced Adwords sitelinks, you can always contact Bang Online Marketing on (08) 9328 7000 or email [email protected]