Mobile Internet Usage for Businesses

There’s no doubt that Smartphones are dominating the mobile phone market both at home and around the world, with older, simpler phones on the out. As of September last year, Australia was ahead of the UK and the US in the sale of smartphones, making us the second highest consumer of new phone technology, particularly the iPhone.

Smartphones provide easy access both to internet browsers and applications (or ‘apps’), allowing users to access the web anywhere. According to a Google study, 2 in 5 Australian smartphone owners use mobile search every day, and 49% use their phones to research and then call or visit businesses. It’s undeniable that mobile internet usage has become an extremely important factor in the business and web worlds.

However, many websites are not optimized for mobile sites yet, disadvantaging the business and frustrating users. There are a number of ways that businesses can make themselves known: optimizing their websites, and often simplifying to create a user-friendly interface. Apps can also be created, particularly for businesses like restaurants – where customers can see opening hours or make bookings – or retail companies, where customers can view and potentially purchase products.

The use and purchasing of smartphones is only set to grow in Australia and internationally, and Microsoft Tag recently predicted that mobile internet would overtake desktop internet usage by 2014. It’s imperative that you enable mobile access to your website, and soon!

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