Social Media Goes Gaga

Everyone is doing the social media tango these days and who else to create their very own social network than the social media queen herself, Lady Gaga. The website looks suspiciously similar to Pinterest but instead of liking photos, you can vote for them, similar to Reddit, combing two of the most popular websites at the moment.
It’s a clever marketing ploy to gain even more momentum (and money) for the already extremely popular Mother Monster.

So how does it work? Well, you have to receive an invite (just like Pinterest) to the currently closed beta website, but once you’re on there, you can do all these cool things:

“Post Inspired” is similar to Pinterest’s “Pin It” – a feature where you can post photos from any website to your Little Monster profile

  • Photo Editing – Little Monster’s can now edit photos before they post them to their wall
  • Each Little Monster gets an email address and can interact with other Little Monsters
  • Similar to Facebook, the Little Monster’s social network has notifications at the top left hand corner of the site marked with a very Gaga-like cross

The social network was created by Backplane project, a start-up company based in California, and was funded by Gaga’s manager Troy Carter, former Google designer Joey Primiani and former Palantir director of operations Alex Moore.

The Little Monster’s social network is already hugely popular and in just over four weeks it has sent out over 10,000 invitations. But it’s no wonder it’s so popular; Lady Gaga joined Google+ in January (this year!) and already has over 300,000 followers. On Facebook she has a staggering 47 million fans (and still climbing), and on Twitter she has 19 million followers – the most for any microblogging service. People really do go gaga for Gaga.

Who would have thought there could be that much Gaga content out there? The whole network is dedicated only to Mother Monster fans wanting to connect with each other to share Lady Gaga photos, news and generally talk about how great she is. There’s even an events tab showing upcoming Gaga events and it displays who will be attending too.

If you want to receive your own code to join the network, just have a look right here. It might take a while to receive the code, but once you’re on, you can go gaga!

Photo courtesy of Mashable