Mobile Advertising

Last month we wrote an article detailing the importance of adapting your website for mobile usage. It’s imperative to your brand and business to make sure that your clients and potential customers can view your website and services via their smartphones – as more and more people are choosing to search the web via their phones rather a desktop or laptop computer.

So, once you have optimised your website, what then? Well, there is another way to connect with customers through mobiles – advertising. Just like normal web advertising, mobile advertising is important to get your brand out there and drive traffic to your site and products. As we know,
smartphones dominate the market at the moment, and that will only continue to grow with technology. Companies who choose to take advantage of mobile search and advertising will be at an advantage to those who are behind the eight ball.

Google Advertising – the primary search engine and method of marketing – uses mobile advertising to connect with users to driver performance by increasing your sales, converting more mobile customers, driving offline sales, and persuading users to download your mobile app, if available. Google Advertising is user friendly, brand friendly, and best of all, customer friendly. For mobile advertising to work effectively however, great mobile campaigns must be created; separate campaigns need to be created through Adwords for mobiles. Recent research from Google shows that purely mobile-based campaigns drive an 11.5% increase in mobile clickthrough rates – which is huge!

It’s also important to note that advertising via mobiles is not the same as doing so on normal pages; it needs to be simplified. Think about when you search on your smartphone; you don’t usually use long keywords, or specific terms. Keywords for mobile campaigns need to be short and sweet, as do the ads. Incorporating location and contact details, and perhaps a map are imperative in mobile marketing. Users are on the go, and often are searching for a store or restaurant to go to at the time of browsing- why not make yours be the first they see?

Bang Online can help you to integrate mobile browsing into your strategy, optimise your site, and create effective mobile advertising for your brand. Give us a call on (08) 9328 7000 or email us at [email protected] to have a chat.