Twitter Tips Round 2

Back in October of last year, we gave you a list of tips on how to integrate Twitter effectively into your SEO strategy. As you may know, social media and online strategies are ever-changing and never static, as much as we may want them to be! In the interest of keeping up with current social media strategies, here’s our second offering of tips and ideas on using Twitter for your business.

Be personable: For some companies, installing a program to send out pre-scheduled tweets, or syncing posts from a Facebook account/blog, works. But for most, it isn’t the most personable or relatable strategy. The Twitter accounts with the most action – that is, the most followers/followed, the most retweets, the most @replies, are those that keep things light and make sure to include their audience. Don’t just post about your own company or your clients, reply to other people, answer and ask questions, interact. Put names and personality into your tweets; social media is, as the name suggest, social!

Be effective: In saying the above, it is extremely important to be personal, but it is also integral to be effective with what content you tweet – try to find a balance. On the Bang twitter account, we tend to tweet any new industry news or developments, often with a question after the link – i.e. What do you think? Or: what strategy does your company take? Simply to spark conversation. We post any new articles or blog posts from our website, again often with a question or talking point. We tweet about new restaurants or pubs in our area, or any exciting happenings around our city – this is part of the personable strategy. When tweeting about news or information regarding your company, try to throw in a few keywords – but not enough that it’s noticeable – if there is one thing that Twitter users hate, it’s self-promotion.

Why so serious?: Many companies stay short, sharp and to the point with their tweets – and though it is often important to do so, particularly depending on the nature of your company, try not to be too business-like on Twitter. Twitter is about being social and sharing; you wouldn’t spout facts and figures to someone you were trying to entertain at a dinner party. Throw in a joke here and there, perhaps one that is relevant to your industry. If something amusing happens in your office or to an employee, why not tweet about it? New café opened up down the road?  Student night at the pub next door? Tweet about it, and keep people entertained and informed.

Keep up with trends: Trends on the internet are changing weekly, daily, hourly. No matter what business you are in, there’s bound to be someone in your office who is internet-savvy (we try not to use the word obsessed!) and knows what’s happening. Right now sharing platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are huge, which can easily be integrated into a Twitter post, and even into your entire strategy.

Get your team involved: Whether your business runs its own Twitter account or you have an online marketing company running it for you, it’s a great idea to get your team involved. Going back to the personable factor, Twitter users love to hear from ‘real people.’ Some businesses choose to have a sole team member tweet, others use initials at the end of a post so anyone from the company can tweet. This article shows that CEO’s tweeting can have a huge difference – whether it be from a company account or from a personal Twitter account. If an online marketing company runs your account, keep them up to date with team and office happenings – funny little anecdotes and professional updates help to keep followers interested.

If you need any advice, would like to have a chat about starting up a Twitter account for your business, or simply want someone else to take it over for you, contact Bang Online Marketing via email at [email protected] , Facebook, Twitter, or on (08) 9328 7000.