How (not) To Use QR Codes

We have written about QR codes before but a lot of people seem to be missing the point of a QR code. QR codes give us a little flash of the future which is why so many people and marketers are totally obsessed with these little black and white codes. And while they are very cool and can be highly effective, unfortunately most people don’t know how to use them properly and end up with useless QR codes.

The main contender for the most useless QR code is worthless content. People get swept up in the idea of a QR code and forget its actual use, which is to show the consumer something new, whether it’s a recipe, mobile optimised Facebook competition or wine tasting notes. Having a QR code on the back of a pack of noodles taking the consumer to the company’s website isn’t a great use of a QR code, particularly because the site is 90% likely not to be opimised for mobile. You’re wasting your own and the consumer’s time which is not a good first impression.

While you don’t necessarily need to offer a discount or anything for free, you do need to offer something else apart from your non-mobile optimised website.

Another common issue with QR codes is that consumers say they don’t know what they are. While we in the know are raving about them, if the consumers you’re trying to target have no idea what they are or how to access the information it contains, there is little use in QR codes. It’s therefore a great idea to include a little step-by-step guide on how to actually access the information in the code. This will also give them an incentive to take the time to scan the code and will also make the QR code more interesting. Having a QR code by itself with no accompanying text or image is like posting a blank sign outside a door and expect people to come knocking.

So make sure you at least have a mobile optimised website if you are going to use a QR code to generate leads. QR codes really ARE amazing but you need to ensure you are using them to best of their ability.

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