Google Adwords for Video

In April 2012, Google introduced Google Adwords for Video – this is another great way to target and engage with your audience!

Google Adwords for Video

Google Adwords for video is run through Google Adwords. In the traditional Google Adwords set up, costs are only accrued when a web user ‘clicks’ on an advert. Similarly, with video advertising, an advertiser will only pay when users choose to watch the videos.

With Google Adwords for video you can reach your customers on YouTube and the Google Display Network (thousands of websites), providing the capacity to reach 89% of online users.  As an advertiser, you choose the maximum amount you are willing to pay per video view, and you can also pick where your ad appears.

For example, your video can appear in the YouTube search results, before a YouTube video or next to related videos and again you can target your audience – just what advertisers want to hear!

With detailed reports on who is watching your videos, how long for, what else they are doing  – “liking”, “Google +” your video, you can refine your campaign further to make sure you get the leads/sales you’re looking for.  When setting up an account don’t forget that you should make sure there is a call to action which directs people how to respond to your ad. e.g “Call us now”, or “Visit our website” this will encourage people to get in touch.

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