Google Penguin Updates

Did you know that Google updates its algorithms regularly? That is, the codes and processes behind what makes Google tick and what allows it to continue being highly relevant and user-friendly. The most recent series of algorithm updates is known as the ‘Penguin’ update which hit the Internet at the end of April 2012.

Since then we have wrapped our heads around what it means for SEO and the websites we work with, here is summary to help you do the same. SEO Perth Google Penguin Update

The idea behind the Penguin update was essentially to cut down on Black Hat SEO tactics – that is, link building and SEO strategies that were not considered to be ‘legal’ or ethical in the eyes of Google.

There are a number of ways that websites can gain traction on Google and improve their rankings, and we don’t want to bore you too much with the specifics; but basically, there are strategies that entail getting as many links or ‘link juice’ as possible from any source, whether it be good or bad – or there is garnering links from reputable sources and using content to gain traction.

At Bang we go for the second method, as although we know that having a number of links back to a website is very important, we know that there are ethical ways to go about acquiring them.

The Penguin update rewards positive links, content used for SEO, and natural backlinks – all of which we aim for when working with clients. So what does this all mean for you?

Well, this update means that websites which may have previously ranked higher than yours due to excessive paid links or link trading will now drop in rankings. It also means that we are constantly kept on our toes utilizing new SEO tactics, creating new content, and keeping our links as positive as possible.

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