New LinkedIn Company Pages

It has arrived! The much anticipated new LinkedIn company page that is.

According to Mike Grishaver, of LinkedIn’s Product Management and Monetization, the update offers a more powerful way to build relationships with your target audience. Additionally from a usability perspective, LinkedIn’s objective is to create a greater experience for members.

LinkedIn continues to be a dominating force with over 161 million registered users and more than two million company pages, making it the world’s largest professional social network. Through its qualified members it creates a great opportunity to connect with industry professionals and generate leads for companies.

The new updates to LinkedIn’s company pages have a strong focus on design, as opposed to features. By simplifying the user experience, LinkedIn has been able to make it easier for members and companies alike. So, what are these changes?

Members Changes

  • New streamlined design making finding information easier.
  • Front page company updates allowing for quick commenting, liking or sharing.

Company Changes

  • Cover Image – similar to other social mediums, companies now have the ability to add a cover image to represent their brand. This provides a great opportunity to showcase brand identity.
  • Company Updates – LinkedIn now provide more guidance by advising the company on what to post. Additionally the content targeting feature is more prominent with the ability to share with a specific target audience (segmentation) as well as sharing with all followers.
  • Careers Page – an easier layout for job seekers has been created and additionally a greater opportunity for companies to showcase their employer company dimension.

LinkedIn’s company pages now also appear on mobile and iPad apps.

Company pages have definitely been given a fresh coat of paint. These changes provide an excellent opportunity for companies to optimise their online strategy, and from this build stronger relationships with their respective target audiences.

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