Creating a Memorable Online User Experience

Creating a user experience has become a critical element within an business’s online strategy. Due to an increasingly competitive online marketplace, there has never been a greater opportunity to leverage your competitive advantage by enhancing the quality of your website’s usability.

What’s it all about?
First impressions are everything, and websites are no different. Your website must instantly draw the user in without being intrusive, making them feel comfortable. But it is much more than the user’s first encounter with your website; it is the experience that you provide them with. Part of the make-up of this experience includes:

  1. Look and Usability: Will the user be intrigued or repelled? Does the site visually (colours, content) encourage user engagement? An example of this engagement is the colour blue, which is highly prevalent online as it indicates clarity, simplicity and efficiency – three connotations that are highly desirable for any business.
  2. Website Architecture: How easily can the user find what they are after? Is the information arranged in a way that makes sense to the end user?
  3. Interactivity: Does your site make the use of technology to deliver the right information at the right moment?

Creating a memorable online user experience can be highly beneficial for your business. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Improved brand perception
  2. Increased conversion rates
  3. Greater opportunity to create/increase brand loyalty and retention

Creating a memorable online user experience
To create a great online user experience the following is required:

  1. Knowledge: Design, content architecture and quality writing.
  2. Specialisation: Having a clear understanding of who your user is and catering your online strategy to their behavioural characteristics.
  3. User Rapport: Understanding the specifics of this behaviour; how your users think, feel, and navigate around your website.

Creating a memorable online user experience is something that can be typically skipped within a business’s online strategy. It is important to remember however that this is a crucial ingredient to having a first-rate website.

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