The 7 Free Digital Resources Non–Profit Organisations Must Utilise

With the invention, innovation and wide spread accessibility of the internet, it is no stretch to say that the world has and still is shrinking. Six degrees of separation, or my favourite six degrees of Kevin Bacon, doesn’t really apply anymore as people all across the globe are connecting digitally via email, social media, skype, apps and even Blackberry (one or two).

Obviously businesses took advantage of this and “Digital Marketing” was born. Its projected that online spend will overtake traditional media in Australia this year as businesses shift their budgets towards digital.

It’s not only businesses that have increased their online presence, Non-profit organisations are finding that online marketing is a cost effective and efficient way to reach their supporters and generate interest in their causes. The problem is Non-profit organisations often don’t have large budgets to spend, they are busy giving back to their causes and helping people.

There are many free digital resources available for Non-profit organisations and here we outline the top 7 resources that every Non-Profit should be taking advantage of:


The Google for Non-profits program was designed to help Non-profit organisations reduce their costs, increase collaboration, extend their reach, and increase impact for their causes.

Google Non-profit members gain access to premium Google products and support, including:

  • Google Grants: Free AdWords advertising to promote your website on Google through keyword targeting.
  • YouTube for Nonprofits: Premium branding capabilities on YouTube channels, increased uploading capacity, the ability to select custom thumbnail images, and Call-to-action overlay on your videos.
  • Google Earth Outreach Grants: Free licensing for Google Earth Pro and Maps API for Business


The Facebook Non-profits page is designed to provide resources for Non-profits with its feed showcasing organisations and success stories. It also provides a comprehensive Facebook best practices guide for Non-profits as well as a direct help form to the Facebook team.


Facebook Causes is a free tool that allows non-profits to develop Facebook campaigns via templates for petitions, polls, quizzes, photos, videos, volunteer recruitment and more.

*Although fundraising and donation functionality is currently limited to the United States all other tools are open for Non-profits use outside the US.

Facebook Causes can be shared through Twitter and email and of course via your Facebook pages Timeline and newsfeed. Facebook Causes also offers a free email tool making communication with your supporters easy and cost effective.

 4.       FUNDRAZR

FundRazr is a crowd funding platform that integrates with your Facebook page, with donations being made via PayPal. Credit and debit cards can be used if you have a Verified Partner PayPal account.

Note FundRazr takes a 5% fee plus the usual PayPal transaction frees.


Vertical Response offers a free email marketing service for non-profits.

  • 10,000 free email credits per month.
  • Credits are not accumulative and reset to 10,000 every month.
  • Additional credits can be purchased at a 15% discount.


Survey Monkey offers discounted survey services as well as offering a large number of survey templates designed specifically for non-profit organisations including online fundraising, donor feedback, strategic planning and volunteer management surveys to name a few.

Survey Monkey also offers a Charity Discount of 25% off Gold and Platinum plans to customers who qualify. Discounts are granted by request only and cannot be applied retroactively. The discount will be offered only to corporations, trusts and foundations that are organized exclusively for charitable purposes and depend on charitable donations from the general public or private individuals.

7.       ACT.LY is an easy way to launch an online petition with Twitter. Through’s website you can identify a person or organisation to petition via their twitter handle, every time someone retweets your message they have signed your petition. With website integration it is an very easy and efficient way to highlight your cause.

Bang Online works with a number of Non-Profit organisations in creating and implementing online strategies that have impact and meet their unique business objectives. Call the team at Bang to discuss your online strategy.