Facebook: how to get your content seen

If you have a Facebook strategy in place for your business, you will no doubt be in hot pursuit of likers.  We all know that having more likers increases viral distribution of your content, increases engagement and ultimately assists you with reaching your strategy objectives (whether this is sales, leads, brand awareness etc). So in theory, the more likers you have the better results you are going to achieve right?  Wrong.

Did you know that only 16% of your Facebook posts show on a wall feed due to the sheer amount of content on throughout a day period?   You would literally have to be on Facebook non-stop to see every single post.  The average Facebook user has 190 Facebook friends vying for attention on the wall feed. You can see how easily your business post may get lost within the daily chatter.

So how do you get people to see your posts?

Your Liker Strategy: There is a common misconception that the more likers you have, the more successful you will be. Therefore using competitions (un-targeted) and buying likers would seem like a good idea. However – if you think only 16% of your likers are going to see your posts, wouldn’t you want these 16% to be actual potential customers?  If you buy likers your valuable posts could be going to your bought likers – or worst still, you could be paying for impressions to go these likers through promoted posts. When running competitions, we encourage you to still target these competitions to the target market. For example, a cash giveaway should only be advertised to your target market on Facebook, or the prize could be product related e.g. $2,000 off your first home.

Promoted Posts: Of course, you can utilise the promoted posts to push your posts throughout your liker and their friend’s base, however, it’s not sustainable to pay for every single post to be promoted.  We would usually reserve promoted posts for marketing and sales based activity.  See our article on promoted posts here.

Content Optimisation: Much like Google, Facebook has an algorithm that shows your posts based on contributing factors called “EdgeRank”.  Basically, the more engagement levels with the post from the Facebook environment, the more likely it is you will see this. Engagement includes liking, commenting and sharing. Also content with more “weight” will show more frequently, such as photos/videos, links and plain text updates (rather than notes, or updates pushed through third party applications such as Hootsuite).  For a full list of what contributes to EdgeRank, view our article here.

Like all online marketing, it’s about quality not quantity. Build a strong strategy, with a quality content,  target your market and you can’t go wrong.