Google’s Penguin 2.0 Released This Month

As always the team here at Bang Online keep a close eye on what Google is doing. Google has a hugely complex algorithm for ranking websites and releases lots of small updates every single day. Many of these updates have little to no impact on the search results. Throughout the year they will release larger updates that have a big impact upon a large percentage of search results and keyword positions.

The Penguin Update was released early in 2012 and this had a large impact of ‘spam’ related links with many websites gaining penalties. This last week we have seen a development to the Penguin update with a new version (Penguin 2.0 or Penguin 4), which again targets spam links.

Should I Be Worried About This New Penguin That’s Waddled Into My Websites Life?Penguin Update

With Bang Online we do only develop white hat links, meaning we avoid spam (yay, go us). This means that many of our clients are rarely affected by these updates, however as some websites we manage have had other SEO companies in the past, we can sometimes see a ‘jar’ in the keyword ranking results.

This means that a penalty is not applied, but some links that were giving the domain value are removed. As a result websites can dip a few positions as a result of these updates. The good news is if this does occur, we can regain these positions with some high quality natural link building within a few months.

How Can I Avoid Penalties In The Future?

Google will always update their algorithm and as such what you need to do is focus on ‘link building for the future’. Good SEO is done gradually and can take some time, however it is there for the long term.

Bad SEO and link building is done aggressively, gains quick results but when the algorithm picks you up, you’d be lucky to have a Page 100 ranking.

The key to success on Google Organic listings is always behind the idea of ‘thinking about the long term’.

Apart From Link Building, What Can I Do To Improve My Website?

What we are seeing is a big focus on websites content and so in Bang’s opinion it is vital to have a blog or company news section on your website. If you don’t have one, then we recommend speaking to our team about how best to develop one on to your existing website. It has become a must have.

Why Do I Need A Blog On My Website?

With a blog / company news section, you can update it with new content about your company and industry. This is a direct SEO signal to Google that your website is up to date and giving your website visitors a good experience.

If you write a good blog post people can link to it and share it on social media. Essentially it is the perfect tool to help generate links and buzz about your company. If you don’t have one and your competition does, then SEO becomes a much harder game as they essentially ‘out gun you’ in the Google ranking battle.

Signing Off…

A good blog / company news section will help your SEO efforts tenfold, so this small investment into your website can help Bang deliver quicker and more effective keyword rankings in 2013. Please feel free to give the friendly team at Bang a call any time to discuss this a little further.