Digital Marketing Vs Online Marketing: Whats The Difference?

As an online marketing company, Bang has gained a lot of experience in the various areas of online marketing such as SEO, Adwords and Social Media. What is really interesting is the new terms that arise in our industry, that at first seem like buzz words, but in time can become new industries.

Take the term ‘tweeting’ for example. That was just a bit of a buzz word when Twitter first came into the social media mix, but as of this month it has now become a new word in the English Language.

Digital Marketing Vs Online Marketing

While Bang prides itself as one of Perth’s leading online marketing companies, we also engage in areas that fall a little outside of online marketing and into the digital marketing realm. The easy way to define the 2 is like this.

Online Marketing : Everything that is online such as SEO, Google Adwords, Yahoo Advertising, Social Media marketing, Social Media Advertising and Email Marketing.

Digital Marketing : While this term encompasses all of the above, it also includes additional areas such as mobile app development, online graphic work, QR Codes etc.

In reality online marketing and digital marketing are in many ways one of the same, however there is a bit of a difference. Simply the nature of our industry means that the landscape of our market is always evolving and always developing new terminology – which makes it very exciting. This is why we are constantly going to new training seminars and digesting new information – so we can give our clients the most relevant and up to date information.

Changing Landscape

With the development of the smartphone technology and the increase of users searching using their mobile phones (in some cases 30% of total traffic), we are actually seeing a shift in the online / digital marketing landscape as we write this. Moving forward it is going to be very interesting to see how the industry adapts to new brands, new technology and new innovations, furthermore it will be interesting to see what new terminology emerges as well!