A Recap Of Email Marketing In 2013

Email marketing is proving to be one of the most successful channels in terms of sharing information and generating leads, as proven by some recent studies. If used appropriately, email marketing can be a key to marketing success, and here’s why:

There are many reasons why email marketing should be utilised by businesses. A 2013 survey by Chief Marketer showed that a massive 61.2% of respondents claimed that they generate new customer leads via email. By utilising email, businesses are using a trusted means of communication, leading to valuable customer relationships and ultimately long term bonds.Despite this, many businesses don’t utilise email marketing as well as they could.

Some Cool Features Email Marketing Offers Businesses…

One of the best features of email marketing is that it is so easy for people to share information with one and other. In business, email is still the most popular way of sharing information- with people “forwarding” what they see all to friends, colleagues and contacts. In fact, is was found that 55.4% of people used email to refer products and services to friends as opposed to 41.8% on Facebook in a recent socialtwist study.

Keep in mind- email marketing is not “old fashioned”- it is constantly being updated to keep up with market trends, just like other digital marketing channels. With email now being a “mobile” form of communication, it is more accessible and powerful than ever. As well as this, it is extremely cost effective! Through email you can directly reach genuinely interested clients at a fraction of the cost of a banner ad- providing huge return on investment!

And email marketing is measurable. Like most forms of digital marketing, email gives you the chance to see exactly what impact you campaign has had. This can be a useful tool in terms of measuring the success of your campaigns, and in turn making them more effective.

Of course, email marketing is much more effective when used properly!email

Here are some tips to help ensure your email marketing campaigns are successful:

1. Make sure they are viewable by everyone.  Often emails are sent in forms that are incompatible with peoples email servers more mobile devices.

2. Make sure your emails contain quality content. Design, copy and formatting are key. Look at what other businesses are sending out, or use a template to make sure your email is presentable.

3. Keep note of how people view your email. Make sure relevant key messages and links are kept in text format in case image blocking is on. Always send a test email to check these details, and make sure your email doesn’t get classed as spam.

4. Build quality contacts. Don’t just target as many people as possible- your message will be lost. Make sure you have a quality contact list, so that you are only addressing people on you target market. Let users “subscribe” to your emails directly from you website and you are more likely to achieve your goals.

5. Make your message clear. Make your point obvious. If you can- put it in the subject line. Customers are more likely to read your email if they already know what it is about.

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