Supercharge Your Email Marketing With Dynamic Content

Improving your email marketing results isn’t just about gaining more subscribers and altering variables such as subject lines and send times. At the crux of what defines your success (or lack thereof) is relevance. To put it simply – unless you can make your audience care about what you have to say, your email campaign will not be successful.

A good start towards relevance is personalisation. According to a study by The Aberdeen Group, it was reported that personalising your emails increases click-through rates by 10%, and conversion rates by 10% – and those are far more important metrics than just the number of subscribers on your list. Put simply, it’s no good having a large database if most of that database don’t care what you have to say. Another tactic is to segment your audience and deliver custom content relevant to those groups.

But aside from personalisation and audience segmentation, how do you supercharge your engagement rates and take your relevance to the next level?

The answer is dynamic content.

So what’s dynamic content, and why should you be using it?

Dynamic content is, essentially, custom content. It’s a step up from classic personalisation that’s based on subscriber data. It allows you to set rules that determine what the customer is shown, using HTML. So for instance, if you have subscribers that are in NSW and WA, you can send a single email that contains the content for each state’s audience – and if a NSW subscriber opens the email, for instance, they will only be shown the NSW content. Magic, right?

The potential here is huge – because although it sounds seemingly complicated behind the scenes, it allows you to send highly targeted, relevant information to a diverse range of subscribers. And all through a single email campaign, without the need for an extensive array of campaign variations.

If you’ve ever sent an email campaign where 95% of your subscribers could receive the same content, whilst 5% of the campaign audience required entirely different content, you’ll know how time intensive this can be to not only create, but to cross measure when it comes time to look at the metrics. With dynamic content, this can be a thing of the past.

When you consider that the average user spends only 51 seconds of their time skimming an eNewsletter, you have a very short time to make an impact. With dynamic content, you can cut straight to the chase, giving your subscriber only the content that’s relevant to them. And that’s powerful.

Dynamic Content

With all this being said, utilising dynamic content implies that you know your audience. And to know your audience, you need to know the variables that define their behaviour.

Some variables to consider targeting:

  • Age
  • Job function
  • Location
  • The last time they purchased from you
  • The last time they visited your website
  • Open rates of previous email campaigns

You also need to make sure that what you do know about your audience is accurate – because nothing will get you to the spam pile faster than sending a user a highly relevant email that’s based on incorrect data.

In email marketing, there’s no such thing as a magic formula. However, we think that dynamic content comes pretty close.

Interested in getting started with dynamic content? We can help.

We use a leading email marketing solution known as Missile Mail. With Missile Mail, we can design beautiful email campaigns and run advanced testing. We offer:

  • Mobile friendly campaigns
  • A/B split testing
  • Testing in 20+ email clients for function and usability
  • Detailed reporting
  • Google Analytics integration, to track beyond the click
  • CRM integration
  • Custom template designs

If you’re ready to start sending stellar email campaigns, talk to the team at Bang Online today.