What’s new in WordPress 3.8?

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WordPress 3.8 is here!

It may look quite different, but the new administration interface is the just the same as the old interface with a shiny new paint job. They’ve also added some sneaky new features to make things a bit easier for you to manage your site when you’re on your phone or tablet :

  • The default theme is now black, and they have de-cluttered and optimized the interface so it’s clearer, has optimized contrast and is easier to read and usewp
  • You can now pick from one of eight administration themes and choose the colour of your liking
  • The administration is now fully mobile friendly which means it’s far easier to edit your website from your phone or tablet
  • The font has been changed to ‘open sans’ which is far clearer and less cluttered
  • Most importantly – the new version includes a range of security updates that help keep your website hacker-proof

If you’re one of the lucky people who have their website managed by us we will be in touch shortly to see if you would like to go ahead with the upgrade.