Facebook Remarketing via Facebook Exchange

Last month we discussed the benefits of using remarketing through the Google network to reach out and market to people who have previously visited your site. This month we will discuss Facebook remarketing and the opportunities available through Facebook Exchange.



Simple Terms

Simply put if a potential customer visits your site, and doesn’t complete an action, then goes on to access their personal Facebook page, your branded advert will appear to this individual. The objective here is to stay “front of mind’ with your potential customer, increasing the opportunity to convert this potential customer into an actual customer.

Essentially Facebook remarketing works in a very similar way to Google remarketing. A snippet of code is added to the pages your website in order to collect cookie data from your visitors, which then allow you to market to them in their Facebook News Feeds and via right hand side Facebook adverts.Facebook Remarketing

You now have the ability to reach customers who have already visited and shown an interest in your brand via the world’s largest social networking site. With 50% of Facebook users logging into Facebook on a daily basis the opportunity to remain in the forefront of their minds is huge.

Facebook remarketing is run through an extension of the Facebook advertising platform called Facebook Exchange, with ad space purchased through third party suppliers. Facebook Exchange utilises real time bidding and the collected visitor cookie data to allow you to deliver highly customised and relevant adverts to your visitors, based on the pages or products that they have viewed on your site.

The real time bidding capability allows you to deliver your highly relevant custom adverts into visitors Facebook news feeds, where they spend the most of their time, within seconds. The bonus is that when viewers click those adverts they become viral and are visible as a form of free advertising to friends, friends of friends and so forth.

If you’re interested in the opportunities available through Facebook remarketing, get in touch with the Bang Online team today.