Welcome to the future of AdWords

Over the next few months, Google will roll out the next generation of advertising innovations. All are designed with three things in mind: to engage with audiences currently beyond their parameters, improve tracking and to employ new tools to better manage and optimise campaigns. Here’s a roundup of the latest offerings:

Mobile App ads

Due to the success of Facebook’s mobile app ads, Google are now launching their own assault with mobile app ads helping developers promote discovery and re-engagement with their apps across Google Search, Display & YouTube.

Driving Installs

According to Google, 60% of apps are never installed. AdMob can now be used to target people based on the apps they use and how often as well as considering the in-app purchases they make.

Driving Engagement

The fact is, only 16% of people will try out an app more than twice. Therefore, Google’s solution is to introduce re-engagement ads for search and display. This encourages increased engagement from those already using your app through deep linking them into different sections. For example, users with a hotel app installed will see AdWords ads telling them to book rather than install.

Estimated Total Conversions

Google has had a history of underreporting cross device conversions. Not anymore. This new tool will be rolled out based on previous tests that showed a 7% increase in cross device conversions and a 32% rise in conversions initiated via mobile and completed via a different touchpoint.

Bulk Actions

Wholesale changes can now be made via the Bulk Actions function on the AdWords interface making optimisation easy and eventually leading to tools such as AdWords Editor becoming obsolete.

Automated Bidding

Advertisers now have the ability to use to maximise the number of conversions or maximise revenue. To maximise conversions, users can apply automatic bidding to maximise conversions on a particular part of the site. To maximise revenue, users can apply automatic bidding to increase the likelihood of high value orders from their site.

Enhanced Reporting

No more offline pivot table process! A multidimensional tool on the AdWords interface allows you to drag and drop reports using live data. This means you can alter the metric to gain real-time results. Similar to Custom Reports in Google Analytics only with live data.

Drafts and experiments

Much like the Sandbox used in Google API, you can now test changes in a draft mode before applying. The proposed changes can then be run as an experiment with a certain percentage of your audience. After a period of data analysis, you can either apply the changes to the whole campaign or stop the experiment.

So watch this space – the changes will be announced in the very near future. When they are and you require more information, please contact the Bang team for further assistance.