Calling all website owners: clean up your link profile before its too late

We have seen a lot of updates from Google in 2014 when it comes to SEO and the buzz around link profiles has also been an active topic as well. When we refer to link profiles we are simply talking about links that point to your website. Google looks at the number of links your website has and that is a big factor in determining your position on Google for keywords.

There are links that can be very bad for your website and these are links that are specifically designed to manipulate the search results, Google calls these ‘black hat’ links. If you have too many ‘bad black hat links’ pointing to your link profile, then Google can get really mad and give you a penalty. A penalty normally involves you dropping a lot of positions down the search engine results. Not fun.

Domain Age Normally A Positive Thing

While a good SEO factor for many website owners is having a domain that has been on Google for many years, they also need to be aware that they are much more likely to have larger link profiles and also probably have ‘bad’ links pointing to their domain from many years ago. This can often occur if you have ever engaged with overseas SEO companies or have experimented with different types of SEO tactics. In some respects the more more active you have been with you SEO the more you will should be looking at cleaning up your link profile.

How Can I Clean Up My Link Profile

Bang Online invests in multiple SEO Software Tool solutions that allow us to analyse link profiles on a much deeper level than simple CSV reports. Our software can group links into simple categories of ‘OK’ links or ‘black hat’ links. The our team will manually review each link and if necessary re-classify it into the correct category if needed. As link profiles can run into thousands of links, this is the perfect solution as it has a full manual check element. Moreover we have worked with hundreds of link profiles and successfully removed several Google Penalties for companies who have gone overseas for their link building. Basically we have first hand experience!

Google Disavow Pre-emptively


Once we have a full list of ‘bad black hat’ links, we export these and upload to Google’s Disavow Tool. Many people think that the Google Disavow Tool is for websites who have a penalty applied. While this is true, Matt Cutts (Google’s Head Of Spam) has said that pre-emptively disavowing links is a good thing to do.

From what we can tell here at Bang Online, is that this process is a very clear way to say to Google, ‘please do not includes these bad links in my link profile’. Remember Google applies penalties to websites they think are try to ‘manipulate’ their search results. So by doing this process pre-emptively, you are clearly saying to Google that you are abiding to their guidelines. In our opinion it is a extremely smart move to make to ensure long-term success in SEO.

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