Would You Know What To Do If Your Website Was Hacked?

Do you have a contingency plan in place for when your website breaks or compromised by hackers?

What would you do if your website was wiped off the face of the Internet and the only option could be to rebuild it from the ground up? Over 300,000* websites a hacked every day, and without a website management and backup plan your website could be one of them.

Even if you do have backup system in place, bringing your website back to its former state once it’s been compromised by hackers may end up a significant website downtime and lead to undelivered emails, lost leads and lost sales. Are you prepared for that?

Bang Online has a cost effective solution. At just $300 a year our WordPress website management plan gives you peace of mind.

Monthly Backups

A backup of your website (and database) will be saved to our Amazon s3 server on the 1st of each month – with a maximum of 4 backups stored at any one time.

Database optimization

Automated database optimization will keep your data in shipshape condition.

Security monitoring

  • Blacklist scan
  • Malware scan
  • Malicious iFrame scan
  • Drive-by Downloads scam
  • Anomaly detection
  • IE-only attack scan
  • Suspicious redirections
  • Spam

Website Restoration 

If your site goes down or gets hacked, we will restore it from the most recent backup, protecting your business and your online presence.

Each month we will

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