Are you using LinkedIn for business to its full potential?

linkedin-logo2Clients and business associates will try to track you down via social media. And guess what, first impressions still count.  You might have a Facebook page, but are you making the right professional impressions and connections to boost your business via LinkedIn?

Having a presence on LinkedIn is becoming increasingly important, with the platform rising in popularity from 22-million users in 2003 to over a staggering 200-million by the end of 2013, and still rising.

What’s the Difference?

Facebook has long been the go-to for businesses. And it is still a very effective platform for businesses to create brand awareness and drive traffic, however LinkedIn is a great way to make valuable connections, especially if your target market consists of professionals.

LinkedIn provides features to get your company noticed in a different way to Facebook and sets a more professional tone with followers.  It can help you generate business leads and fortify your current customer relationships through the sharing of company updates and valuable content.

LinkedIn is also a platform with very high value engagement.  You will find that your followers’ comments are meaningful and intelligent, creating a great professional interaction. You can easily post links, publish blogs, and share updates with your followers, creating interesting conversations with your target audience.  In fact, your website will experience more hits from LinkedIn than any other social platform.

LinkedIn Features

LinkedIn, similarly to Facebook, gives you the option to boost your profile and attract likes with sponsored updates.

You can also include showcase pages which are essentially an extra arm off your company page featuring a particular product or service you provide.  You can create multiple showcase pages and users can follow your particular showcase pages individually. This is great as then you can target the content specifically to them.

Keep it up

Creating a LinkedIn page is a great step towards promoting your brand; however the important thing is to ensure that your company updates are rich in value for your followers, and that the posts are consistent and regular.  If your let your company page slip, you may as well be invisible on the platform.

If you need help with setting up you LinkedIn company page, tips on how to manage or attract more followers, or advice on how to interpret LinkedIn analytics to boost your brand, contact Bang Online today and we will happy to help you.