Latest Google AdWords innovations & tools

As announced early this year, Google AdWords has been deploying new features on a regular basis. Most of these tools have been designed with the primary purpose to enhance the users’ experience but also to give more targeting power to advertisers. Here are some of the latest AdWords innovations:

Callout Extensions

In early September, Google AdWords has rolled out a new feature which is compatible with text ads running on Google search. Callout extensions allow advertisers to show additional text below the main ad copy as shown on the example below:

Callout Extension

Not only callouts help the adverts to stand out from the competition but also enable advertisers to show valuable information to potential customers before they click on the ad.

This new extension works with other ad extensions such as site links or calls extension and can be set up at the account, campaign or ad group level.

There are many similarities between callouts and site links. However, they should be used slightly differently as links are not required. One of the most effective ways to use callouts is to include offers or other useful information such as “free shipping”.

Another incentive to use callouts is that they can influence the position of the ad on the search results page.

Mobile Search Ads

With the search results pages getting more and more ad cluttered especially across mobile devices, Google has announced that it will make every character count on mobile ads.

This improvement has been designed to make it easier and faster for smartphone users to find what they are looking for while on the go. Thus, the second line of text on mobile search ads may be replaced with the ad extensions as shown on the example below:

Mobile Search Ads

While no action is required, advertisers should keep a close eye on how their ads are showing on mobile devices to ensure that the most important piece of information is being displayed.

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