Automate your e-newsletter forever

Most businesses who aim to have an online presence understand the importance of email marketing as a part of their digital strategy. By building a list of current and potential customers you can drive sales, get event registrations or just build brand awareness and engagement. The e-newsletter is a favourite tool for many as it not only contains pertinent company news and may also have additional call to actions which result in conversions.

The problem however is it can often take quite some time to put together an e-newsletter, from creating graphics to copy and pasting content, testing, uploading the list and sending. There is however a way to automate this whole process.

If your website has a blog or a newsfeed which you update regularly and is the main source of your e-newsletters content then an RSS automated email may be the solution. By using an RSS feed in conjunction with a specially built email template businesses can now automate their e-newsletter so it will send the fresh content, perfectly presented, pulled straight from your blog or news page. This can be delivered on the same time and date of every month so you can build a level of consistency with your subscribers and not worry about double handling the content.

This is a very helpful development for businesses who invest in their blogs or news pages because of the vast SEO benefits. With the transfer from blog posts to automated monthly e-newsletters only requiring a new email template to set up its something we expect will become quite popular moving forward.

If you have any questions regarding e-newsletter automation or anything email marketing related, contact us!