Bang Digital are an EAP Partner with Centrecare Corporate


Last month Bang Digital become a Employee Assistance Program (EAP) partner through WA provider, Centrecare Corporate. An EAP program provides staff members with the ability to access counselling services which are fully funded by the company. Bang Digital Managing Director, Renae Lunjevich, has recently introduced the service for the team.

“Many business owners now realise that if they support their employees through their difficulties, the outcome may not only retain those employees but they will speed up the time it takes them to return to optimum productivity and maintain a healthy work-life balance” said Renae.

The Centrecare Access Programs can assist when personal, family or work issues impact on well-being or quality of life. These issues can be transferred into the workplace and can translate into staff having days off, running late, missing deadlines, getting tired or sick, getting involved in workplace conflicts and feeling emotional.

The key principles of the EAP are to ensure that:

  • it is available to all staff members and their immediate families at no cost to them
  • access to EAP is voluntary
  • professional counselling is provided by qualified psychologists
  • strictest confidentiality is maintained by the provider
  • staff members seeking assistance will not jeopardise their employment in any way
  • staff may choose to seek assistance from an established internal or external service provider

The EAP Program involves a 24 hour telephone contact service and counselling sessions available at a variety of locations with appointment times available during and after office hours, making the service as confidential as required.

We would like to thank Clive Elliot for coming in to inform the team of this fabulous program and we encourage other businesses to look further into the EAP program. For more information and to find out the value of this program visit or email  Clive Elliot at [email protected]