What you need to know about Twitter’s new advertising tool

Twitter’s advertising platform is now available in Australia for small and medium businesses.

With a growing user base of at least 2.8 million Australian users, Twitter is up among the most popular social platforms in Australia. Twitter is made up of a largely male demographic, with most users living in urban areas and under 50, especially 18-29 years. Industries that are particularly suited to the platform include agriculture, hospitality, entertainment, technology and retail.

One of the key advantages Twitter has over the Facebook advertising platform is the huge range of targeting options. You can go so far as to target people based on pages that they follow allowing you to create a highly niche audience. People can also be targeted on their standard demographic information including their interests, age, gender and location.

Facebook targeting options



What’s more, you can also use retargeting on Twitter to entice interested customers back to your website.

This month Twitter have also released auto-play video adverts, which work in a similar way to Facebook video ads. A video view on Twitter is counted as 3 seconds, with the player shown in at least 50% of the screen. Video adverts are a great way for advertisers to break through the clutter and maximise engagement.

Twitter advertising campaigns can be used to:

  • Generate followers
  • Increase website clicks or conversions
  • Encourage app installs or engagements
  • Create leads on Twitter

Whilst twitter marketing and advertising  can be scary at first, the payoffs for your business can be huge. We can help you quickly inform your target audience, create a strong call to action and build a community of loyal brand followers. If you’re ready to get started in Twitter advertising, get in touch  with the Bang Digital team today.