The benefits of multi-channel marketing strategies and how to harness their power

Multi-channel digital marketing campaigns are the new norm. In 2014 38% of marketers used 3 digital channels, with 14% using 5 or more. While it may initially seem a tactic for hedging your bets, multi-channel campaigns are the strongest form of digital strategy to get the best results for your business. A multi-channel campaign presents many opportunities for  business marketing results.

The options

There is a huge range of digital marketing channels available and choosing the right selection is crucial to the results you see. The most popular trio is Google AdWords, social advertising and electronic mail (EDM). These communication tools teamed with an organic strategy increases the likelihood of being found where your customers are and having a digital marketing strategy that thrives.

Of course, the marketing objectives you decide on will guide your decision about which channels to utilise. Different channels reach different people at different stages of the buying cycle and should encourage different behaviours whilst holding a consistent message. Using a Google AdWords’ Display campaign will grow brand awareness and create demand for a product, but if physical sales online is what you’re after then creating a store on eBay or a Google Shopping campaign may be the way to go. Knowing what you want from your online marketing activity will tell you which platforms to choose, along with the guidance and knowledge from the Bang Digital team.

The benefits of branching out

Marketers using a cross-channel strategy see greater ROI for their marketing spend. Consumers viewing ads across multiple platforms convert 24% more than those that see an ad on only one channel.

When they convert after seeing advertising across multiple platforms, customers spend three to four times more with your business than customers that convert from a single-channel campaign. Investing in a multi-channel campaign presents your business with the opportunity to capture customers that have a high value to your bottom line.

Plus, marketing is all about the consumers and 72% of them prefer an integrated approach they can engage with!

The challenges

Getting a multi-channel strategy right isn’t easy. Finding where your potential customers are online and communicating the right message to them at the right time is a constant process of monitoring, refining and optimisation, to effectively market on a platform demands that you know it inside out. The average business owner doesn’t have the spare time in their day to learn all about LinkedIn, Facebook, AdWords and email campaign platforms to get the balance just right. It makes sense to hire an expert.

At Bang Digital, we love learning about the latest innovations and how we can harness it for our clients digital strategies and achieving results. Seeing your campaign come together and get real results is what gives us a kick!

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