Facebook introduces new ways for people and businesses to connect

Facebook is about to make it much easier for businesses to connect with their clients with an exciting range of new messaging features. These changes are set to simplify private messaging between Pages and customers making the process faster and more convenient.

Responsive page badges

With Facebook becoming an increasingly popular portal for customer service, users will soon be able to identify responsive Facebook pages. Pages that respond to 90% of messages and have median response time of less than five minutes will have a “Very responsive to messages” alert on their profiles. This badge may not be applicable to all businesses, as many businesses operate in different time zones and don’t have someone managing the page 24/7. It will however, help all businesses track their time to respond as page Admins.













Reply to comments privately

Page admins will  soon see a new ‘Message’ button under comments next to the ‘Like’ and ‘Reply’ buttons. This button will open up Facebook messenger, allowing you to send  a private message to the commenter. The customer will be notified when their comment has been replied to. This be an incredibly effective way of moving conversations out of public view, which can be useful if you are requesting personal information, like a phone number or email address. It can also take any irrelevant comments or complaints offline so they can be dealt with privately.














Send private messages to a Page from a local awareness ads

Facebook is also introducing a new ‘Send Message ‘call to action button.

If a customer clicks on the ‘Send Message’ button in an ad, the Facebook Messenger window will open for them to write and a send message to the business. Any incoming messages to the Page will show the advert the enquiry is coming from. This can be a great tool to use if you don’t have a relevant landing page, or you would like people to contact you directly.














These new features are currently being rolled out worldwide, and are yet to be released in Australia. For more information feel free to call 9328 7000 or email us  to discuss how this can enhance your social media strategy.