Why using remarketing lists is becoming a must for businesses

During 2015 we have seen more businesses make the shift towards developing not just an online marketing presence with a website, but also go further and develop a digital marketing strategy.Several years back it used to be the common place that having a website was enough.

Generally on the whole, people know that ranking for that website on Google is where the true value lies and that is why both SEO and Google Adwords management is still a prime service for many businesses.

Taking a look specifically at Google Adwords, we can see the platform has evolved and developed greatly and new features are helping make it more effective for small and medium sized businesses.

First Visit Rarely Converts

With that being said, we know through our work across many Google Analytics profiles and through Google’s own surveys on data, that users rarely convert (purchase / enquire) on their first visit to your website, with often the first visit is an investigation exercise.

Users might find your website via SEO or Adwords or even a social media channel. Being able to reconnect with them on both Google search and other popular websites is of course great value. Why? Because they have already shown interest in your product or service.

Google Remarketing

Google remarketing allows you to reconnect with users who have previously visited your website. It is becoming easier and easier to bring this into effect for smaller low trafficked websites.

Google remarketing allows us to get quite intelligent with who we remarket to. We might create a list of users who visit the website and spend more than 1 minute on the website, which makes sense as we want to remarket to users who have not just been on the site for say a few seconds.

So when a user visits your website, a small piece of code called a ‘cookie’ is saved to their website browser. The code in the user’s browser then allows Google to know they are to be remarketed to on their search and display network.

Target Intelligently

Making remarketing work for you often does require an agency as it can be a bit tricky at times. Firstly applying the right code, in the right location and making sure all your terms and privacy policies are up to date are key steps.

Then creating enticing creative to go along with customised remarketing lists is where the real work begins. After all if the creative is not good, users will not click and if the remarketing lists are not targeted well, then you waste money on remarketing to the wrong type of users.

Remarketing is not just for the display networks anymore and for well-trafficked websites, it can be utilised for the search network as well. If Google remarketing sounds like something you want us to look at for you, then get in touch with Bang Digital today. Call us on (08) 9328 7000 or email us here.