The importance of tracking online activity and the benefits of Google Tag Manager

One of the biggest benefits of digital marketing over traditional media is the complex and thorough tracking it allows. Knowing where your customers come from, how they behave and what advertising gets conversions means that you can get more from your online activity and the time and money you invest into it.

Google Analytics

For most businesses Google Analytics is a sufficient tracking tool, providing more than enough of the information needed for meaningful campaign feedback and optimisation. Google Analytics is simple and requires the placement of a small piece of code across each page of your site, it is such a simple tool to use and makes the tracking of your site’s success easy, which is great as tracking effectively is more important than ever in the digital landscape.

Why tracking is so important

Without tracking on a website we’d have no indication of how well different aspects of a digital strategy are working. Tracking lets you know exactly how many sessions and visitors you’ve had, how people navigated through the site, where they came from and how many converted. Plus much more.

Properly utilised tracking allows you to make smarter business decisions based on facts; a more scientific approach than choosing marketing platforms based on ‘gut instinct’ or popularity.

Things to consider for digital tracking

  1. As technologies develop and brands evolve it is necessary to build and update websites. If you’re getting a third party web developer to complete this work it is crucial that they don’t touch the tracking codes that have been implemented previously.The downtime in tracking can seriously impact the ability for meaningful insights to be made well into the future. To avoid the potential situation that a site goes live without tracking you should provide the developer with all the codes that you require.
  2. As a digital strategy becomes more complex with features like remarketing, the amount of code that needs to be included becomes greater. Google has answered this issue with Google Tag Manager (GTM).Instead of reaching out to your web developer to upload new code you can use the friendly GTM interface to attach code to your site. GTM uses a single piece of code on the site to organise tracking codes for Google products. GTM makes like easier for digital marketers and web developers alike, and you save money if you have a webdev company that charges for any activity.

To discuss how GTM could benefit your company or to access the codes currently active on your site to pass on to developers you can get in touch with the team at Bang here or give us a call on (08) 9328 7000.