Use email automation to get higher conversion rates

Email automation is becoming an increasingly popular tactic for online marketers. As our email inboxes are becoming more and more full, it has never been more important to cut through the static. There is no better way to stand out then by providing more relevant content that your subscribers actually want to read.

Automated emails are sent in the background of your email software, with no action required by you. They are sent automatically when someone activates a specific trigger. For example the trigger could be one week after the reader clicked on a link  in an EDM.

Here’s some ideas of how you can use email automation:

Welcome new customers

Send a warm welcome email to new customers. Thank them for signing up to your newsletter or for purchasing from you. Include a call-to-action, for example a special offer to say thank you for signing up.

Target users on their website activity

If you use Missile Mail, you can track where users went on your website, based on previous campaign activity. Send them an email about that particular site they visited, or any complementary products they may be interested in.

Use a win-back campaign

Win back your dormant customers with a series of win-back emails. Show them an offer or new products they may be interested in. Let them know that you value their business. If they still don’t respond, remove them from your list so you don’t send them unwanted emails. This can happen if they use a different email address, or are simply no longer interested in your product or service.

A specific date

If you have an upcoming event, or the subscriber has an upcoming appointment or subscription renewal, send them an automated email. This saves a lot of time and effort from you in sending a standard email or a less targeted email blast.

Send a survey

Customer touch points can be automated  in Missile Mail, so what better time than to use the opportunity to get some feedback. This will help you keep a track of customer satisfaction and will help improve your customer retention levels over time.

Like any email campaign, automated emails should be consistently optimised through A/B testing and refreshing the content.

If  you want to learn more about how email automation can be used for your business, get in touch with the Bang Digital team.