10 Rules For Increasing ROI On Your SEO Campaigns – Part 2

This is the second post in a two part series by Business Development Manager Josh Roa on how to increase the return on investment from your next search engine optimisation campaign. Click the following link to read that article first:

10 Rules For Increasing ROI On Your SEO Campaigns – Part 1


Rule #6 – There will be follow-up

Sales can be won and lost on first impressions but more times than not, lost sales can also be salvaged simply by following up. With so many top-ranking websites receiving a flood of traffic every day, it’s easy to forget that a majority have never considered integrating email automation for ongoing marketing, surveys and promotions. These are tactics lower ranked sites successfully use to improve their conversion rates and is something you should certainly explore, too.

Rule #7 – There will be strong sales copy

Zig Ziglar once remarked on how failing to ask for the sale was akin to being little more than a “professional visitor”. Knowing that you’ve attracted prospects to your site and have failed to ask them on several occasions to make a purchase effectively makes your site little more than a proverbial pitstop in the journey to another destination – your competitor’s site. It’s here that your visitor will become their customer and is the reason why it’s so important your website copy (text on the page) is structured as strong sales copy. Given the uniqueness of search engine prospects, it is also crucial you test out your sales copy to see what works best.

Note: To those with a timidity toward asking for the sale, take solace in the knowledge that there have been countless, now-defunct businesses before yours, which lost an innumerable amount of money because they bashful around the sale and after reading rule #7, you can count yourself separate from the rest knowing that you won’t allow your business to succumb to the same, preventable fate. 

Rule #8 – Your messaging will resemble mail order advertising

“In truth, only the mail-order people really know what they are doing.” This statement from ad legend, David Ogilvy, holds true today just as much as it did when he first said it. With many people being wowed by the latest SEO catch phrase or update, it is important to look at winning campaigns (google ‘swipe file’) and systems you can implement to make on-page improvements. Guthy Renker is a great example of doing just this, helping them to generate more than $200M/year just by adopting mail order advertising principles.

Rule #9 – Results rule, period

There are times when a client or colleague turns around on a strategy they’d previously signed off on, feeling that another strategy is the right way to go because of a conversation they had with a friend or a spouse. It’s a difficult conversation that follows but ultimately one that leads to a single point – results rule. So if there is another approach you want to take, you simply need to make sure you are tracking results over everything else.

Rule #10 – You will be a tough-minded disciplinarian

There’s a plaque on the mantle of my parent’s lounge which reads “If you seek to build the business and not the man, you will surely fail. But if you seek first to build the man, you will succeed at both.” If you are to have any measure of long term success, from a digital marketing standpoint, it will come down to you being a stubborn, hard-nosed grafter of sorts, unwilling to accept anything less than clear tracking, thorough testing and targeted direct-response marketing. Don’t get caught up in the next shiny object. Rather, focus on the fundamentals then build the appropriate media around it so your campaign is positioned as best as possible to succeed. Doing this will ensure that you not only increase the return on investment of your SEO campaign but any other campaign you choose to set up.


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