A Recap of AdWords Latest 2016 Innovations

Each month Google rolls out new features to its advertising platform designed to enhance the user’s experience and improve the functionality from the advertiser’s perspective. Here is a recap of the latest AdWords innovations since the beginning of the year:

> Structured Snippet Extension

Ad extensions are a way of adding further information into the ad text that is usually displayed and hence improve the Click-Through-Rate by standing out from the competition. The most common ad extensions are “sitelinks” and “call” extensions. After having introduced “callouts” last year, Google recently launched “structured snippets”. This ad extension is very similar with callouts in the sense that they enable advertisers to add more text to the ad and they are not clickable. However, there is a predetermined list of 12 header categories to choose from (brand, styles, types, courses, etc…). You can enter up to 10 values for each header but only a few will appear based on the ad space.

Structured Snippets

> Campaign Drafts and Experiments

Although Google has been offering a similar tool to run experiments for years, this new feature makes it more accessible to all advertisers from intermediate to advanced levels. While “campaign drafts” enable advertisers to make several changes to the campaigns without affecting the results, “experiments campaigns” are designed to test the performance of the new draft campaign versus the original campaign. You can set an end date as well as the budget split. Experiments can only be applied to campaigns running on the Search network.

Campaign Experiments

> Automatic Bidding Improvements

Intelligent bid optimisation is a key factor of any successful search campaign. Over the last 12 months, Google has been releasing new bid strategies designed to help advertisers run cost-effective campaigns. Please keep in mind that even though automated bidding save time, it’s still critical to keep an eye on the bidding strategies and measure how the campaigns are evolving, since they are not always successful. There are a number of factors to consider before implementing such strategies. For example, before using the target CPA, you need to ensure that there is enough historical conversions data for the algorithm to work.

Automatic Bidding

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