Increase your website conversions using heatmap tracking

Not all websites are perfect…

Even the most well planned website can have conversion issues, but sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on where your website is going wrong. You could spend hours wasting time and money on rounds of website design and content changes to improve the conversion rate – but without the right data  – it’s hard know exactly where your website or landing page isn’t performing.

Google Analytics is a great tool for getting insights in to where your users are originating from and tracking conversions – but this data can sometimes be hard to interpret when it comes to assessing conversion pain-points.

The answer? Heatmap tracking! Heatmap tracking software records your website visitors mouse cursor, and then generates a ‘heatmap’ view highlighting the areas users have clicked.

In the below heatmap example the ‘sign in’ button gets the most clicks from that page, but the red ‘sign up now’ button is getting nearly no clicks. If user registration is the main purpose for this page, then this highlights that there is an issue.

Heatmap tracking perth

Click here to see an interactive version of a heatmap report

What can heat map tracking do? There are quite a few systems available depending on your budget and requirements, but our heatmap tracking software of choice is HotJar.

In addition to heatmap graphs, Hotjar allows you to:

  1. Replay each user visit in real time – so you can see exactly how each user is using your site – see the example
  2. Track page scrolling (to see where users are scrolling to before they leave the page)
  3. Set up conversion funnels to track the users who do convert, so you can compare them against the non-converters
  4. Segment heatmaps based on traffic sources
  5. Filter heatmap/mouse tracking reports by device (so you can see how mobile/tablet/desktop users are behaving)

This toolset is perfect for assessing the barriers to conversion on your website, and then making informed decisions on website design and content changes.

Click here to see all the features Hotjar has to offer.

Stop driving traffic to a landing page that isn’t converting contact the team at Bang Digital and we’ll help you get set up with heatmap tracking and have your website optimised in no time!