How to use social media as your next recruiting weapon

Great companies are built by great people, which is why it’s so important to have a solid recruitment process in place. Social media has become a huge player in the recruitment game and organisations big and small are now using these popular channels to reach jobseekers.

Social recruiting – where companies engage with users and use social media tools to source and recruit talent – allows you to reach not only active jobseekers, but those who are currently employed and could potentially be the perfect fit for your company.

Read on to find out why we think your company should use social recruiting and how one of our own clients leveraged the scope of social media to gain exceptional results.

The Benefits of Using Social Recruiting

As a recruiter, you want to be where the most qualified, talented and largest pool of applicants are. With 79% of jobseekers using social media in their job search, building social media into your recruiting efforts has become essential in the digital age.

Using social media as a tool to communicate and connect with potential employees opens up the target pool to explore options and gain a competitive advantage by targeting the right the people for the job.

With Facebook and LinkedIn noted as the two most common tools employers are currently using, leveraging both of these channels in your recruitment campaign will ensure you identify top-notch candidates.

Using audience targeting options, social media now allows companies to target people with pinpoint accuracy based on selected targeting criteria. This maximises the reach of your posts by targeting content to smaller, sub-categories within your audience.

When it comes to paid adverts, Facebook and LinkedIn provide extremely robust targeting capabilities that enable you to define your reach even further through a selection of categories, including:

  • Demographic
  • User type
  • Interest level

Social Recruiting in Action

Leveraging these audience targeting options, we recently helped one of our clients in the mining sector launch two social media recruitment campaigns across Facebook and LinkedIn. With the aim of delivering engagement across these social platforms and driving traffic back to their website, each campaign ran for a month and generated fantastic results.

Using adverts that were targeted on Facebook to particular geographical locations, we were able to drop these prospects through to a Facebook app page so they weren’t taken out of the Facebook platform, increasing their chance of conversion.

As a result:

  • By campaign end we had achieved a total of 7,323 conversions on Facebook and 608 on LinkedIn.
  • The cost per job applicant was an extremely low $0.38 on Facebook and $3.20 on LinkedIn.
  • The quality of job applicants were high and the majority of the positions were filled by the time of writing this article.

If you’re interested in launching your own social recruiting campaign, contact Bang Digital. Our passionate and experienced social media marketing team have a proven track record for generating fantastic results and would love to help contribute to your social success.